Working Papers

  1. "Role of perceived social support in COVID-19 vaccination uptake among U.S. adults" (with Jennifer E. Jaremski, Benjamin Ansa, Lorriane Odhiambo, K. M. Monirul Islam, J. Aaron Johnson; Under review)

  2. "Disparities in routine preventive care utilization among native- and foreign- born overweight and obese individuals in the United States: An analysis of racial and ethnic sub-populations" (with Steven Coughlin and Ban Majeed; Under review)

  3. "The higher risk of hypertension among religious minority women in Bangladesh" (with Sanjoy Chowdhury; Under review)

  4. "Role of child marriage and marital disruptions on hypertension in women- A nationally representative study from India" (with Ashwini Tiwari, Rifat Haider, Murshed Jahan; Under review)

  5. "Child marriage and the risk of high blood glucose among women in India" (with Ashwini Tiwaei and Lynn Glenn; Under Review)

  6. "Depressive disorder among gynecologic cancer survivors in the US: Evidence from the 2020 Behavioral Risk Factor Survey" (with Marlo Vernon, Steven Coughlin; Under review)

  7. "Preventive Behaviors and Behavioral Risk Factors among Gynecologic Cancer Survivors: Results from the 2020 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey" (with Steven Coughlin, Justin Moore, Marlo Vernon; Under review)

  8. Assessing the effect of a province-mandated school soft drink ban on household soft drink consumption: A developing country experience" (with Qihua Qiu, Jaesang Sung, Jami Husain)

  9. "Financial Hardship in Patients with Heart Disease " (with Steven Coughlin)

  10. "Reducing the prevalence of hypertension can lower COVID-19 pandemic severity" (with Jami Husain, Deliana Kostova)